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[Comments] (1) : This weblog has been silent because I was in India attending Sumana's father's funeral. I have some stuff to say about the people I met there, etc. but I'm going to think about it for a little while longer.

I want to briefly mention a weird thing I came home to. Although I don't use Twitter, I do occasionally search for people who link to my site in their Twitter feeds. Usually they're linking to Beautiful Soup. Today I saw a typical example:

Rubyist, pythonista or even php fan. We can all love http://bit.ly/7aRD8T amazing parser library #beautifulsoup

The atypical part was that this was from Paula Deen's Twitter feed. Paula Deen has a show on the Food Network, and I associate her with making food out of butter and hanging out with Jimmy Carter. I could see her tweeting about beautiful soup, but not Beautiful Soup.

I guess what happened is that, like many celebrities, Deen has a tech person who posts on her behalf, and the tech person forgot to sign out as Paula_Deen before posting to what they thought would be their own Twitter feed. The rogue tweet alarmed some people (example), and has been removed, but this follow-up that refers to Deen in the third person bolsters the "tech person" theory:

Paula hasn't gone techy, she's off today but getting ready to head to Alaska for a working vacation.

Paula Deen's tech person, I'm glad you like Beautiful Soup, and everyone makes embarrassing mistakes, so don't feel bad.


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