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[Comments] (3) Self-Promotion: Haven't done this for a while, though Sumana says she talked up Constellation Games at WorldCon to a goodly amount of interest (thanks, Sumana!).

First off, a one-day promotion from O'Reilly: all the "Cookbook" titles, including Ruby Cookbook, have had their prices slashed, slashed! to $9.99. Judging from the emails O'Reilly sent me about this, they really wanted me to put this in my Twitter feed, but although I should probably start posting there[0], I don't think that would have made a good first post. Anyway, this is a heck, or even a hell, of a deal—you can save thirty or forty bucks easy. Myself, I'm probably going to buy the RESTful Web Services Cookbook, because it seems cheesy to keep asking for free copies from O'Reilly years after the last thing I wrote for them.

Second, check out that cover for Retro Spec, the anthology containing my story "The Day Alan Turing Came Out". That's my complimentary copy, I've dipped into it, and it's nice. But I've already told you about the book. The news hook for today is that Julia Rios interviewed me, Retro Spec editor Karen Romanko, and fellow contributor CD Covington for The Outer Alliance.

[0] Because I want to write an in-character Twitter feed to go along with Constellation Games, and I don't want the posts to sound fake, like I never actually wrote for Twitter. As of last night, BTW, the CG second draft was 1/3 complete, and that's the third that contained most of the heavy rewrites, so we're lookin' good.


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