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[Comments] (1) By Pokemon Betrayed: Pat, Beth and I planned to go to the Nintendo store at Rockefeller Center to check out their museum of old hardware. It's a good thing we spent most of the day walking around doing other stuff (weird promotional peanut butter exhibition put on the by the peanut butter sandwich restaurant and brunch with Camille, farmers' market, retro game store), because when we got to the Nintendo store it had been taken over by the launch event for the latest Pokemon game. Huge line/crowd of people, waiting to buy the game and/or get a stamp for their Pokemon passport. Oh well. We'll go some other time. Hopefully not the weekend they launch the 3DS.

We went to the LEGO store instead, which was no more crowded than the rest of Rockefeller Center on a weekend. They have a Lego model of Rockefeller Center in the LEGO store, including a Lego model of the LEGO store itself, and you know that somewhere inside that model is a lego model of the Lego model of the LEGO store. Can't see it, though.


Posted by Nathaniel at Sat Mar 12 2011 13:12

That is some fancy capitalization you've got going on there.

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