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First Week: For the first time since 2005 I've been leaving the house every day to go work in an office. The office is Betaworks' big open-plan incubator office in the meatpacking district, holding a zillion startups, including Findings, the company I work for.

There are lots of cool features I want to work on, but I spent this week taking responsibility for the back end, adding useful things like unit tests. That's almost done, so next week I'll get to the really interesting part... which I can't talk about yet. (Another thing that hasn't happened since 2005.) But I think pretty much everyone who reads this weblog will be interested in this, for one reason or another.

My main complaint is the commute, which takes about an hour in each direction. I know, you've probably got it way worse, with your cars and your traffic jams. I'm starting to see the appeal of my friends' "do something after work in Manhattan, then go home and crash" lifestyles.


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