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[Comments] (2) Findings, Week k-(k+n): This feature went by the wayside, along with NYCB posting in general, because I get on the subway, and go to work, and get on the subway to go back home, and then I'm tired. Just like a real job!

Suffice to say that I'm gradually switching from implementing new features to improving the code that's already written, and we'll launch a semi-public beta in the next couple weeks.

A couple miscellaneous things learned from the week I spent writing web service clients:

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Posted by Evan at Mon May 23 2011 21:11


oh yeah.

Posted by Evan's Dad at Mon May 30 2011 11:36

I agree with you about the awesomeness of URLs. Even more awesome are URIs. Ever since I found out about Linked Data (q.v. http://linkeddata.org/) I've been a fan of identifying data in a way that it can easily be referenced. It makes everything on the net limkable. Add that to the Semantic Web (q.v. http://www.w3.org/standards/semanticweb/)and that's just too cool.

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