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: Findings is hiring! Including, most likely, hiring a replacement for me. I'm staying at the company at least into July, beyond the time of my initial contract, but some other projects of mine are taking off and I need to start spending serious time on them. We're hiring a senior backend Python developer (ie. a replacement for me), a junior backend Python developer, and a senior-ish frontend web developer.

The site we're building is really amazing, and you know that I don't go around saying such things randomly. Findings is currently in private beta, but you can click around the site enough to get the general idea of what we've built, and you can ask me questions if you're interested. The main thing holding us back is that our team is tiny. We don't have enough person-hours to get the features and usability we want in a reasonable timeframe.

Here's the catch: despite the fact that we live in a networked world, and you may be reading this post from your reclaimed-scrap-metal treehouse in Greenland, to take this job you do need to be within commuting distance of Manhattan. The commute is the only part of this job I hate, but maybe you don't mind it, or maybe you're already commuting so it's a wash. If you're interested, send me mail at work: leonard@findings.com. The rest of you, sign up for the beta.

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