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[Comments] (1) Month of Kickstarter: A Young Lady's Guide to Treachery and Military Operations: I've got a lot to do today (all the Findings work that explains why I haven't posted much, plus bonus other work), so this one is quick: Lyssan, a board game that "combines tightly designed euro-style rules with the interactivity and flavor of an epic wargame." It looks fun and well thought out, so BACKED. The $50 price point to get a copy of the game is higher than the $25 I'm typically dropping on Month of Kickstarter projects, but what the heck. Some of those projects won't pan out, and it looks like this one will.

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Posted by Susie at Tue Jul 05 2011 09:49

That one looks fun! You will be receiving some fun stuff in the mail over the next while, from the projects that do pan out.


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