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[Comments] (2) Loaded Dice: Last month I downloaded a bunch of data from BoardGameGeek's web service for use in an art project. I'll be announcing the art project soon, but today I'm announcing "Loaded Dice", a data-mining project using the same data.

I've been writing scripts that analyze the BGG data and produce interesting charts and tables. I'll keep adding stuff to these pages until I get bored with this data. I've put up thirteen experiments so far. Here are some highlights:

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Posted by Eric Fischer at Mon Aug 15 2011 21:24

Is the low-rated Uumber+Party Game "Games of the World" actually a game? It looks like it is actually a book on the history of games, which must throw the ratings off.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Aug 15 2011 21:43

It is a book and not a game (I didn't filter out books), but it's got a rating of 8, so to the extent it's skewing the results, it's making Number + Party Game look better than it is. Those lists show the highest-rated example.


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