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[Comments] (5) robotfindspainting: Beth with her robotfindskitten painting Two exciting pieces of news from the long-dormant world of kittens and the robots who find them. First, Star Simpson has ported rfk to jQuery, proving that robotfindskitten remains relevant in today's world of Javascript frameworks.

Second, as you can see on the right, Beth Lerman painted a robotfindskitten still life! Here's a better picture on Beth's art site.

The still life has been in progress for a while. Beth and I collaborated to find NKIs that would work well in a still life:

(Punch bowl and punch not pictured.)

Beth presented me with the finished painting Monday night in a gala unveiling at my apartment, and it's now being classy in the living room. Speaking of classy, be sure to visit Beth's Etsy store.

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Posted by Brendan at Wed Sep 14 2011 13:20

That's beautiful!

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 14 2011 22:45

Very nice! What is an NKI?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Sep 14 2011 23:14

Non-Kitten Item.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Sep 15 2011 05:08

cake plate! the painting looks awesome.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Sep 15 2011 07:15

Rachel, that's your folding table, too.

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