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[Comments] (2) CG Author Commentary #3: "Rare Drop": It's Tuesday, and time for the first subscriber-exclusive chapter of Constellation Games. (Check your spam folder.) Been holding out for a better deal? Here it is: for the rest of December, when you subscribe you get a gift subscription to give to a friend, so you'll have a speculation partner.

Here's the microblog archive for chapter 2, let's get cracking on chapter 3! Sumana requested appropriate pictures to break up the huge wall of commentary text, so I'll be picking some from Wikimedia Commons/Flickr every week. This week's pictures are by Mike Baird and NASA Langley.

That's plenty long for one week's worth of commentary. Tune in next week for chapter 4, when Jenny will say, "We're going to use as little alcohol as possible."

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Posted by emile at Wed Dec 14 2011 19:33

There aren't enough comments on the constellation games posts saying how totally awesome the book is so far. So. TOTALLY AWESOME SO FAR! Thanks.

I was on the fence about whether I wanted to subscribe or wait for the hardcopy, because I'm a little iffy on how the flow will be with a week between chapters. But once I knew that ch. 3 was out there I couldn't seem to hold off.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Dec 14 2011 21:28

I'm glad you're liking it! I wrote the novel for serialization, it didn't get chopped up after I sold it, so it should flow pretty well.

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