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Hypothesis Confirmed: I know you're excited about the evidence for the Higgs boson, but I was going through NYCB's 2011 archives for the inevitable year-end "best of" entry, and I noticed something even less amazing.

Earlier this year as part of Loaded Dice I made a list of "Pre-1990 games still greatly in demand". I suggested that someone could make some money reprinting these games. When I reread the NYCB post that linked to that list, I remembered an ongoing but very polite dispute in which two different game companies plan to reprint "Merchant of Venus", having acquired the rights from two different sources. I checked on my "someone should reprint" list, and sure enough, "Merchant of Venus" was #4 on that list.

In fact, four of the top five games on that list were reprinted/remade in 2011, or will be in 2012. The other one is Crokinole, a public domain game that apparently just can't be manufactured cheaply because you have to use SFI-approved Canadian hardwood. Spot checks further down the list turned up other games like "Code 777" that were reprinted recently, and games like "Full Métal Planète" that were recently subject to unauthorized reimplementations. What I'm saying is, that list is marketing gold.

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