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[Comments] (3) CG Author Commentary #4: "Too Much Information": I'm experimenting with posting these commentaries on Wednesday to give you time to read the chapter. I don't think a lot of people read these commentaries right now, but feel free to complain if you want it sooner. It's easier for me to put the commentary up on Tuesday along with the Twitter archive, but I think this might be a little better for you.

So! This is where the engine of the novel starts running. We've introduced the human characters and their dynamic, they have a gateway to the Constellation in the form of Curic, and in this chapter we meet the main plot drivers for Part One: the Brain Embryo computer, and the Constellation Database of Electronic Games of a Certain Complexity (hereafter CDBOEGOACC).

Now's a good time to talk a bit about the three bonus stories, because one of them takes place right after this chapter. "Found Objects" is a story about Jenny Gallegos and what she does with the reentry foam that the Brain Embryo was packed in. "Dana no Chousen" features Dana Light, a character who's been mentioned (as Bai's girlfriend) but not introduced. I'm currently working on "The Time Somn Died", which features a character you haven't met yet.

If you subscribe at the Bronze level you'll get one story, probably "Dana". Subscribe at Gold or above and you'll get all three. There's a fourth story, "A Princess of Mars", which I won't have time to finish. But I might do it as a promo later, or write it to be sold separately.

How these happened: after finishing the second draft I realized that although I'd created a lot of interesting female characters, the POV is so tight around Ariel that a) the only one who'd gotten the time she deserved was Curic; b) my novel didn't pass the Bechdel test. I fixed b) with some cheap tricks which I'll point out when the time comes, but a) left me unsatisfied, so when it came time to plan bonus material, I decided to write stories about and from the POV of the women in the story.

Like I said, I'm not done with the stories, but I think this strategy works really well. Each bonus story presents a part of the world that wasn't shown in the novel, while recontextualizing what was shown.

And now, random notes on chapter 4:

Tune in next Tuesday for Chapter 5, when Curic will say "I am going to do research on human zombies to prove you wrong."

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