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[Comments] (2) CG Author Commentary #5: "Let's Play": After some polite outcry we're back to commentary on Tuesday. I don't have a lot to say about this chapter, and/or I'm fighting off an artisan seasonal cold, so this one's relatively short.

I got excited while writing this commentary, because I was going through my earlier drafts and I remembered that Constellation Games has deleted scenes! But then I was a little less excited because the deleted scenes don't start until chapter 25. Let's not think about the deleted scenes for a while.

And there we go. Tune in next Tuesday for the heart-pounding chapter 6, when Ariel will say, "This form is a fake. There's no Paperwork Reduction Act notice."

[Drawing credits: Brandon Eck and NASA.]

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Posted by zztzed at Tue Dec 27 2011 13:58

The description of the Brain Embryo's interface in Ariel's review of Gatekeeper did a lot more (for me, at least) to make the Farang seem alien than Ariel's description of the Farang themselves in the blog post in chapter 3. I'm not sure exactly what this says about me, but at a minimum it probably makes certain implications about the amount of my life I've spent using computers.

Posted by Ben Heaton at Thu Dec 29 2011 17:51

Yeah, I had the same feeling. Hearing that an alien looks weird doesn't seem nearly as important as how different their interfaces are.

Also, when I read the "I am going to do research on human zombies to prove you wrong" teaser last week, I assumed they'd be philosophical zombies. Not sure why.

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