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[Comments] (1) CG Author Commentary #2: "Corner Pieces": It's that time of the week again, the time when the air is filled with the navel-gazing sounds of Constellation Games author commentary. You can read chapter 2 for free, but this is the last week. Subscribe some time this week, or the commentary on stuff you haven't read will become increasingly mysterious.

The microblog archive for chapter 1 is up for those who don't use Twitter. I don't know how readable all that text is, but I also don't know how to design a website anymore. Let me know if you have suggestions. Note that, for your convenience, the tweets are filed under their in-story date, not the real-world date.

I'm trying out a list format for commentary this week. It might look weird, but coming up with segues between completely unrelated things looks weirder.

There we go. Tune in next week for chapter 3, when Ariel will say, "So are you female right now or what?"

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