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Month of Kickstarter: In Praise of Turtles: Dipping into my big list of bookmarked projects, since none of the new projects I saw this morning were as cool as stuff I'd earlier saved for later, later being now.

First off, it's "In Praise of Small Things: A Letterpress Adventure", a modest project to commemorate "the small, everyday 'unfancy' things and moments that we so often forget to pay attention to, but when we do, they glimmer."

And on the expensive side of the spectrum, there's Turtle Derby Documentary, raising funds for post-production.

Every July 4th for the past 50 years our small hometown in Pennsylvania has held an annual turtle race – a fun event that sounds like something from a Mark Twain story. But this year the state outlawed collecting turtles from the wild because they’re becoming endangered. It’s a fun and funny opportunity to see what happens when tradition and environmental issues collide.

I think I know which Mark Twain story you're talking about!

: Sorry to interrupt Month of Kickstarter with non-Kickstarter stuff, but I just discovered that Ian McMillan, who earlier recorded a reading of "Daisy" from Thoughtcrime Experiments, also recorded a reading of the first story in the anthology, "Welcome to the Federation". Way to go, Ian!


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