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Children Formed by Plants or Objects : I just discovered that you can search the USPTO's trademark registry by "design code", to find trademarks that use a certain graphical element. Furthermore, the design code classifications are fairly insane. Some choice quotes:

02.01.04 Religious figures, men wearing robes, shepherds, monks and priests

Excluding: Asian-Pacific men (02.01.11) and wizards (04.01.25) are not coded in this section.

02.01.32 Other men, including frogmen, men wearing space suits and men wearing monocles

02.03.25 Other women including hobos, women holding fans and women with weaponry

02.05.27 Other grotesque children including children formed by plants or objects

Mythological beings are cross-coded in the Human Category only when they are depicted as ordinary humans having no indicia of their mythological powers.

03.23.15 Micro-organisms (including sperms)

Only ladders which fold open to form a triangular profile are in 14.09.01. Other straight or extension ladders are in 14.09.02.

Clock radios are double coded in 16.01.03 and 17.01.02.

Concentric circles (26.01.17 and 26.01.18) and circles within a circle (26.01.20) are not considered three circles for purposes of coding.


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