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Constellation Games Progress Report: Probably going to move this onto Twitter because a) I really need experience writing for Twitter, for reasons which will become clear, and b) that may make it feel less like I'm working alone. But here's the intro.

As July was Month of Kickstarter around here, so is August the Month of Constellation Games Rewrites. I've long been interested in, and somewhat disturbed by, the relationship between different drafts of a work. I think it'll be interesting to create a record of the rewrite process, and a fun challenge to do it without giving away huge spoilers or saying stuff that only makes sense once you've read the book. With that in mind, I have four main tasks for this month:

  1. Write two new scenes: one near the beginning, one near the end.
  2. Merge two of the minor characters into a single entity. They're kind of similar, so this will make the novel tighter. I'd been considering this as a nice-to-have for a while, but turns out one of those characters needs a lot more screen time near the beginning. The quickest solution is to just give him someone else's scenes.
  3. Use the additional screen time from #2 to foreshadow the appearance of a third character, who doesn't really exist until about halfway through the book.
  4. There are a lot of blog posts in the story that read more like normal prose. Kate (my editor) and I agreed to tweak the framing device a little bit and just turn those chunks into normal prose. The big problem here is that weblogs are written in a very recent past tense. I need to convert some of the blog posts to a more distant past tense, as though you were hearing a story recounted later, without causing big tense dislocations when you encounter an authentic blog post from the period.

Today I finished one of the scenes for #1. #2 causes me serious cognitive dissonance. I need to tackle that next so I can stop thinking about both sets of characters.

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