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: On Monday Sumana and I went to the Socrates Sculpture Park to see "Odysseus at Hell Gate", a production that mashed up the Odyssey and New York City history and puppets. Little did we know that it was not a dramatic production in which the puppets would interact, but a "puppetscape" in which the puppets would wander around the park for all to marvel at. I'm not complaining, as the puppets were cool. I took pictures but they didn't turn out, so enjoy pictures from someone else who was there.

My favorite puppet by far was Robert Moses as Polyphemus, with the Unisphere for a head and a traffic light for an eye, operated by puppeteers in hard hats and surrounded by a flock of sheep-cars honking their bicycle horns. But in terms of puppeteering excellence, the shades were the best.


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