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[Comments] (6) CG Author Commentary #9: "Import System": Last week and this week have some of my favorite Twitter bits (e.g.) because the CDBOEGOACC is finally available in English. Sunday night while working on Loaded Dice I realized that one of the reasons I really like playing around with the BoardGameGeek dataset is it's like a real-life CDBOEGOACC.

The flip side is this chapter doesn't have a lot of plot. But hopefully you're okay with that because of all the fun mini-stories like the Sea Level game/food. It's supposed to represent the design phases of a software project, where you're throwing around a lot of ideas but not much is being produced.

Next week is a set piece, and after that the plot won't let up until the cliffhanger that ends Part One. Before that happens, I need to get some solid exoludology in to bring in topics that are important later, like Sayable Spice and Ariel's unsuccessful attempts to translate it.

Before beginning the chapter 9 commentary, I want to get something off my chest about the first sighting of the Farang in chapter 1. In that chapter, Ariel compares their antennacles to the oral tentacles of a "cerebrophage". In the second draft I just out and said "mind flayer". My writing group said I should change it because readers might not know what a mind flayer is. ("Did you mean: mind flower?") Taking their advice to heart, I changed the reference to a made-up reference that nobody will get. Well, at least we're all in the same boat now!

And here's chapter 9. Vent your egg sacs before reading this commentary:

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday, when Dana will say, "This application will terminate due to suspected theft or circumvention."

Oh, and you might want to keep an eye on @Tetsuo_Milk.

Image credits: Flickr user krusty, Guillaume Piolle, and Flickr user CoffeeGeek.

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Posted by zztzed at Tue Jan 24 2012 09:37

Hey, this dice-chucking RPG nerd recognized "Dragon's Dice cerebrophage" as an oblique reference to D&D mind flayers.

Also, that reminds me: there is actually a real game called Dragon Dice -- but it's a collectible dice game, not a tabletop RPG.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jan 24 2012 09:54

There was another reference to Dragon's Dice in chapter 8, which I removed when I gave a Bruce scene to Bai. Actually it was a reference to "Devil's Polyhedra", an 80s Christian scare movie that tried to convince your parents that Dragon's Dice would turn you into an axe murderer. That got turned into Jenny's "is this a religious ritual", which is a lot better for the scene.

So, good thing I removed it. But that vanished once-removed reference is why this universe has Dragon's Dice instead of D&D, even though I didn't fictionalize other geek touchstones like Star Trek.

Posted by emile at Tue Jan 24 2012 14:26

Re: "Sunday night while working on Loaded Dice I realized that one of the reasons I really like playing around with the BoardGameGeek dataset is it's like a real-life CDBOEGOACC."

This whole time I thought that BGG was your inspiration for the CDBOEGOACC from the start!

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jan 24 2012 15:15

No, my conscious inspirations were the MAME database (which also shows up in "Mallory") and textfiles.com. The thing that makes BGG feel more CDBOEGOACC-ish is it's not only got information about the games, it's got everyone's opinion about the games.

Posted by Susie at Sun Jan 29 2012 12:29

Your blog is becoming kid friendly. Dalton pointed to the picture of the sea anemone and said, "Nemo!"

Posted by Leonard at Sun Jan 29 2012 17:28

I guess as long as the kids don't know how to read, it's kid friendly...

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