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[Comments] (4) Constellation Games Author Commentary #11: "Launch Title": Love those title puns! This blockbuster episode sends Ariel TO THE MOON and introduces two major new characters, Tetsuo Milk and Ashley Somn. Also a minor but important character: Linda Blum, Ariel's mom.

Here's last week's Twitter archive, which ran two weeks ago due to my own errors. Twitter service has now resumed, but because this plot arc is so compressed (the rest of Part One crams two weeks of frantic activity into five weeks of real time), most of it is going to come out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Don't be afraid, I'll be here the whole time with long-winded commentary:

What a huge commentary, and this plot arc's just getting started. Be sure to tune in next week, when Ariel will say, "I do not use sex to maintain social cohesion."

Image credits: Andy Bernay, Joe Mabel, Linda Salzman Sagan, Harold W. McCauley.

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Posted by kirk at Tue Feb 07 2012 12:08

You know, i was thinking about that whole confusion w/ "Ip Shkoy as a culture, not a race" thing and I realize the confusion is somewhat worse because the most prominent example of it (Ip Shkoy) is paired with the most-english word for extra-terrestrial (Alien) so it's easy to read it as "Ip Shkoy aliens" instead of "Ip Shkoy Aliens". (In a way that "Ip Shkoy Gaijin" wouldn't be)

Posted by danima at Tue Feb 07 2012 14:58

because that would be annoying.

I'm pretty sure you misspelled "just too awesome" here. (why follow a character if not to see their tweets?)

Posted by Zack at Wed Feb 08 2012 11:54

Am I right in thinking that Aliens have two sexes, but Tetsuo and Ashley's native language doesn't encode the difference in its pronouns?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Feb 08 2012 13:26

Pretty close. Gendered pronouns in Purchtrin are coded as dirty talk. Like, why would you mention that if you weren't interested? When he was learning English, Tetsuo decided to approximate politeness by always using the gender he's not interested in. Now he's paying the price.

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