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GOTV Promo: A week from today, November 5, I've got a story going up on Strange Horizons, a genre-savvy space opera called "Four Kinds of Cargo." A week from tomorrow, November 6, is Election Day in the US, and because I like it when people vote in elections, I'm going to run a little promo for my story.

By the end of the day on the 6th, send me a picture of your "I Voted" sticker or equivalent, and on Wednesday morning I'll send you exclusive bonus content. Specifically, I'll send you the first chapter of my novel in progress. This is a direct sequel to "Four Kinds of Cargo" which picks up the action about twelve hours after the end of the story. So if you like "Cargo" on Monday, send in your proof of franchise on Tuesday and you'll get a little more of the story. You'll be getting a first draft, so if and when the novel is published, you'll be able to compare the published text against what I sent you, and see all the changes I had to make.

But wait! You say. What about all the people implicitly omitted from this promo? Those who are too young or otherwise ineligible to vote, those who vote early, those who are... I don't think there's any nicer way to put this... un-American? ["foreigners"? -ed.] Oh yeah, that's the word.

I'm announcing this promo a week early so that if you vote early or send an absentee ballot you can still get in on the promo. But if you can't vote in the upcoming election at all, you can also get the bonus material by engaging in any display of patriotism (as recognized by your native country) and sending me a picture. I realize how embarrassing displays of patriotism are for non-Americans, but them's the rules.

Email your stuff to leonardr@segfault.org. (It needs to be email because I'm going to email you the chapter, and I need a return address.) I will not be using your pictures or your email address for anything except verifying your eligibility and sending you the chapter. The only reason I'm doing this via email is to avoid concerns about having "previously published" this work once I finish it and try to sell it.


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