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GOTV!: Here it is! Election Day; the holiday where everyone has to work; America's annual celebration of trying to combine ancient parts that don't fit together and may have been deliberately sabotaged into a machine that gives a coherent result. Among other things, that means today is the day of my long-foretold "Four Kinds of Cargo" get-out-the-vote promo.

Send me evidence that you voted today (or earlier than today), and I'll send you the first chapter of Situation Normal, my novel in progress. Situation Normal is a direct sequel to "Four Kinds of Cargo". It tells the story of the third and possibly final war between the Fist of Joy and the Terran Extension, with the binational crew of Sour Candy caught in the middle. If you want a taste of what's to come, this is your chance.

My email address is leonardr@segfault.org. I will accept any kind of evidence that you voted, including blind assertion, but it's on your conscience, mate. See original announcement for more fine print, and see you at the polls!

Update: Steve Minutillo pointed out that this contest violates federal law, so I need to amend the rules a little bit. You can also get the preview chapter by sending me email in which you deny having voted. This also makes things easier for non-Americans and people who refuse to vote on principle. (37% of the population stands with you!)

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