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[Comments] (1) End-of-Year Film Roundup: I was gonna wait til the end of the month for this but I have seen so many great movies recently that I want to tell you about them now.

This is a combination of movies I watched at the Museum of the Moving Image, usually with Sumana, and Criterion Collection movies, hurriedly purchased during the recent half-price sale, which we watched at home. I've put them roughly in reverse chronological order of when we watched them. Sumana also put up some short reviews recently. Don't want to read this huge post? Read Sumana's entry instead!

Incidentally, I love the name "Criterion Collection." "We only select movies that meet... a criterion!" It's like the "Un Certain Regard" award they give out at Cannes. I imagine a French person shrugging and going "eeeeeeeh..."

Update: Gonna post the rest of the movies I see this year here, again in reverse chronological order.


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