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[Comments] (2) new robotfindskitten!: It's a big day for announcements. There's a new "Mayan Apocalypse" version of robotfindskitten, due largely to to the work of new dev team member Eric S. Raymond.

My major contribution to the release was editorial. I consolidated the list of NKIs with lists produced for other ports (notably Dave Griffith's Frotz port). I removed some stupid fifteen-year-old jokes, and added new stupid jokes. The end result is that this version of rfk ships with 701 high-quality NKIs, versus about 400 NKIs of wildly varying quality.

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Posted by Brendan at Fri Dec 21 2012 18:02

Well, 700 high-quality NKIs plus mine.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Dec 21 2012 18:19

Actually all three of your NKIs made it into the list in some form. So even your self-deprecation is terrible!


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