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Constellation Games Bonus Stories Now CC-Licensed: A few months ago when the Constellation Games serialization ended, some of the subscribers got four short stories along with their compiled ebooks; stories set before, during, and after the novel. The long-term fate of those stories was unclear. My publisher and I wanted to keep them scarce for a while to reward the loyalty of high-tier subscribers, but writing and editing these stories was a lot of work, so we wanted to make them available to the general CG-reading public. Possibly in exchange for money.

But it turns out there's not much money in nickel-and-diming you (specifically, there's about $0.15), so we've agreed to make all four stories available under the CC-BY-SA Creative Commons license. That's about seventeen thousand words of free fiction: the post-scarcity family drama of "The Time Somn Died", the foul-mouthed artistic angst of "Found Objects", the headshot violence of "Dana no Chousen", and the bubble-pipe erudition of "Pey Shkoy Benefits Humans".

The catch is that the stories contain spoilers for Constellation Games, and won't really make sense unless you read the novel first. And the novel still costs $5. At least, that's the pro forma warning I feel like I need to give you. But I remember when I was a kid and I discovered that the Arvin Public Library had the third book of the Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy but not the first two. I had no idea what was going on, who these characters were or why they were stranded in caveman times, but I devoured Life, the Universe, and Everything, reading it multiple times, and the lack of knowledge as to what was going on just made me determined to get a ride to the library in Bakersfield where I could check out the books that would explain it.

So... go ahead and read the stories first, if that's your thing. I think they might pique your curiosity. And remember that you can also read the first two chapters of Constellation Games online.

PS: if you order Constellation Games from the publisher you'll now get PDF copies of the bonus stories along with the ebook.

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