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[Comments] (6) Constellation Games Author Commentary #19, "Implementation Details": We're more than halfway through the book! Traditionally, it's around this time that an author starts to have doubts about having signed on for this huge project. It's happened on all three of my books and it's happening again with this commentary. I have a great time writing this stuff every week, and I hope you're enjoying it, but it does take a lot of time. Time which might be better spent working on my second novel, "A Fire Upon the Derp".

Uh, anyway, last week's Twitter archive. Don't forget about the game design contest, which ends next week. This week we meet Dana Light 2.0, and the totally different human person who's not Dana, Svetlana Sveta.

That's the week! Stay tuned for next week's special tabletop gaming episode, when Ariel will say, "I think we should just nuke each other once and get it out of our systems."

Image credits: Wikimedia user Ecelan, Joshua Kaufman, Flickr user ePi.Longo.

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Posted by nemryn at Tue Apr 03 2012 13:48

Are you sure you uploaded the chapter? It's not showing up for me on the CM&G site.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Apr 03 2012 15:30

You're right. Kate says it hasn't been archived, but that it will be by about 6 PM EST.

Posted by Zack at Fri Apr 06 2012 23:53

It now occurs to me to wonder whether the Constellation could put together a biomimetic humanoid chassis for Dana if she wanted one.

Posted by Zack at Fri Apr 06 2012 23:54

("now" as in "just now", that is)

Posted by Zack at Fri Apr 06 2012 23:57

Oh, other random nitpicky detail: I presume the smart paper's memory is distributed and many-times redundant, so, is there a second copy of Dana in the chunk that the BEA cut off as import duty?

Posted by Leonard at Sat Apr 07 2012 19:24

They could make a robot, but not something that looked like a human. And when you take Dana's character as a whole I think it's pretty clear she wouldn't want a chassis.

Re: a second copy. That's a good question, one I've played around with and one I don't have an answer to. I generally think Dana wiped the cutoff chunk as it was being cut. But a second copy in the BEA's hands would make a crucial plot detail more plausible.


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