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[Comments] (1) Dada Da Dada Da Dum: My appearance on The Science of Fiction just aired. I talked about how generative art takes advantage of our tendency to find patterns in randomness, and during the discussion Dr Andy Holding had a whizzer of an idea. (I may not be using that term correctly.) After I read a sonnet from Spurious, he said that you could do Queneau assembly on limericks. I said "I may do that as soon as we stop recording." And so I did!

The project's called Dada Da Dada Da Dum. The dataset is the 95,000 limericks from the Jim McWilliam collection. It's a dataset large enough to ensure that the generated limericks rhyme:

How could Orwell have been so mistaken?
Even if true, why be shaken?
He got an erection
I did an inspection
I'm referring, of course, to F. Bacon.

(as as with limericks in general, most of the generated limericks are obscene.)

I'm really proud of this project. Queneau-assembled limericks are very effective cognitive illusions and they're a lot of fun to read. I've created a Twitter bot @DadaLimericks which posts six of these limericks a day, so the fun never has to end. Never, I tell you!

Said Eve to Alonzo, "You may"
Why then, I must carefully say
When she jerked on the chain
And I pooped from the strain.
And a beard on a nude by Monet.

Update: A couple days later I saw the project commenting on itself:

A phoney pop-artist named Hart
I'm dada! R. Mutt Anti-art!
His idea of fun
She cries, "Better run"
And dumb millions took it to heart.


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