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[Comments] (1) Month of Crowdfunding #10: Huzzah! of Code: Maybe I should change my birthday so Month of Kickstarter isn't full of Burning Man projects. Not that the Burning Man projects crowd out other projects, I just find it annoying. Anyway, here's today's crop:

I don't think I mentioned this explicitly, but if there's some crowdfunding project you think I should back, let me know about it. That's a general rule, but I'm more likely to actually back a suggested project during Month of Kickstarter.

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Posted by Evan at Tue Jul 10 2012 22:17

Here are a few projects:

Could almost be the basis of a portlandia sketch (but I love it) :

For all the kids who liked the box more than the toy:

^^^ I do wish the reward levels were a bit better for this one, though.


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