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Month of Kickstarter #20: Election Day: Today's nail-biting project: The Election Day Calendar.

The Election Day Advent is a twist on the classic holiday tradition. Just hang it up, and open a door a day ‘til Election Day (Tuesday, November 6, 2012), and reveal fun facts and thought-provoking quotes about our democracy.

The company running that Kickstarter is the suspicious-sounding Gerrymander LLC.

Non-backed bonuses galore! Demand more nerd pandering? Check out the Little Urban Achievers - 28mm Miniatures. And the Slender Man returns to Kickstarter with Osiris Chronicles in HD. I'm not complaining--every Slender Man-themed Kickstarter project prevents a zombie-themed project.

Apollo 11 Special: Today on my #retrorocket microblog feature, I posted some of my favorite pictures from Apollo 11, in honor of the anniversary of the moon landing. I really like these photos because each has some quirky detail that helps me connect with an event that took place ten years before I was born and was enormously mythologized even before it happened. Since the Apollo 11 pictures are among my favorites in the entire collection, I wanted to cross-post them to NYCB, along with a little extra commentary on the details that caught my eye:


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