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[Comments] (2) Month of Kickstarter #26: Wall Type: Today's theme is "art for the wall". And reasonably priced art, too! First up it's Re-Creating my Artwork from Original Dungeons & Dragons!. The original artwork having been thrown away because game companies have terrible senses of corporate history. Follow that up with Hydrophobia: A Look Into Another Universe (Prints). Nothing is said about how those photos were made, but presumably they are photos of water droplets in a hydrophobic material.

I'm still writing words in this box because I can't believe today was so easy. I'm so picky this year that MoK has been a real struggle. Anyway, back to writing stuff for money.

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Posted by Evan at Thu Jul 26 2012 22:00

Nice topic!

I'm a fan of these projects, the reward tiers are well done for both of 'em.


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