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[Comments] (2) Month of Kickstarter 2012 #3: Universe's Fair: Welcome back to the all-month cavalcade of crowdfunding. As the month progresses I'm getting a better picture of the flow of new project launches: on Sunday only about 50 projects were launched, but yesterday saw about 175 launches. You can expect some interesting statistics at the end of the month, let me tell you. But for now you can expect some interesting Kickstarter projects:

Speaking of bicycles, today's "Month of Kickstarter Platinum" showcases @cme FlatFree Bicycle Wheelsets, bicycle tires that will never go flat but which require custom-sized rims. $280 gets you rolling!

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Posted by Susie at Wed Jul 04 2012 23:49

You have a cosplay jumpsuit?

Posted by Leonard at Thu Jul 05 2012 21:54

I will, one day. That's why I kept all of mom's national park patches.


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