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[Comments] (2) @CrowdBoardGames: A year ago today I announced the publication of Constellation Games. The serialization finished yesterday, so now's a good time to take a little break and tease the big projects I'm working on now. But before I do that, I want to introduce you to a technology spin-off from Month of Kickstarter 2012, the other thing that finished yesterday.

Here's @CrowdBoardGames, a Twitter bot that posts a link to every Kickstarter project that shows up in the "Board / Card Games" category. Yes, it's the very specific thing I mourned the lack of a month ago. I'm not really attached to this project—in fact I hope Kicktraq starts doing something similar for all the different categories so everyone can use that instead—but it scratches my personal itch. If you just want to know about every new board game on Kickstarter, now you can. And check out Eternity Dice: Forged From Lava. It's ridiculous/cool.

So, time for the tease. I mentioned in a CG commentary that my genre-savvy space opera "Four Kinds of Cargo" will be appearing later this year in Strange Horizons. I also mentioned that I'm working on a second novel, but I didn't mention that the novel is a direct sequel to "Four Kinds of Cargo". I'm still very early in the first draft, and of course there's no guarantee I'll ever sell it, but I think it's going pretty well.

My goal is to tell the same kind of crazy, epic story found in Constellation Games, but to use a more traditional style (third person limited, multiple narrator), so people don't open the book and see printouts of email messages and say "what the hell is this?" in a Jeffrey Tambor kind of voice. I'm also trying to spread out the action more evenly, so that you're having adventures in space right from the start.

I'm also working on a second book, a nonfiction book, and although I think it's just about sold, there's no contract yet, so I'm not going to divulge any details. Look, I said this was a tease, okay? What do you want, a hashtag? #tease


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