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[Comments] (12) Constellation Games Open Thread: Now that the serialization is done, I think it's time to bring back the open thread, a place to talk and ask questions about the novel as a whole. This is also a good time to mention that Constellation Games is now available for $5 on Nook and Kindle. Finally, you can indulge your love of DRM!

What? You don't love DRM? Boy, is my face red. Fortunately, now that the serialization is complete, you can also now buy a $5 unencumbered PDF at the publisher's website. Or buy the trade paperback from the publisher, and get the PDF for free.

You can't buy the bonus stories right now! They've gone into a Disney-like "vault" of artificial scarcity, as a way of increasing the social standing of those forward-thinking individuals who bought the bonuses as part of the serialization. They'll shuffle blinking out of the "vault" at the end of November. At that point you'll be able to buy the bonuses from Candlemark & Gleam, either on their own or along with the novel. And only then will the stuff I'm saying over the next couple weeks make sense.

That's the business stuff; now I want to toss out a topic to get the open thread started. There's a weird plot hole in the novel that I don't think anyone else has noticed. Way back in chapter 2, Jenny and Ariel are picnicking in the hills on the way to the landing site. They encounter a hippie who's been to the landing site and who's now heading back to Austin. He talks like he just decided to go check out the landing site. How the hell did he get there so quickly? He's on foot, and the site's fifteen miles out of town. Did he just happen to be taking an early morning stroll in the country? That's a really big coincidence.

This little discrepancy has nagged me for a while and I've got a variety of solutions. Some of them are boring, some are way too interesting. Want to give it a try? Leave a comment.


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