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[Comments] (2) May Film Roundup: Lots of travel in May, so not many movies this month either. But I do have heterodox opinions for you. Read on!

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Posted by Joe Mahoney at Sat Jun 01 2013 17:40

I had a thought the other day about the JJ Abrams movies. Trek has tradition of doing what are pretty much shot for shot remakes of older Trek: the original motion picture and the Naked Now in TNG. So Instead of thinking about Into Darkness as a *just* remake of Wrath of Khan, you could also think of it some kind of misguided attempt at accepting a passed torch or something like that.

The Holy Rankings haven't been set in stone for me. Undiscovered Country has always been number one in my book.

Posted by Leonard at Sat Jun 01 2013 22:34

I'd be more sympathetic to the "passing the torch" view if the last four Trek movies hadn't all been Khan ripoffs.

Into Darkness made me want to rewatch The Final Frontier, which is a really bad movie that's also very Star Trek.


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