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[No comments] Beautiful Soup 4.3.2, and all previous versions: Through long practice I'm able to write decent code while I'm sick, but I should not try to release code while I'm sick. While putting up the release of Beautiful Soup 4.3.2, I accidentally deleted the entire beautifulsoup4 project on PyPI and had to recreate it manually. I've given PyPI all the crummy.com tarball URLs for releases going back to 4.0.1, and I've installed each one via pip to verify that it works, so if your build process depends on installing a specific version of Beautiful Soup 4 via PyPI, it should still work. And indeed, random versions of BS4 have been downloaded about 200 times since I switched over. I'm sorry about this screwup. Let me know if there are any remaining problems.

4.3.2 itself is a pretty minor bugfix release. Still left unfixed is a bug I can't reproduce because the federal government is shut down. When you file a bug that happens with a specific web page, please provide the HTML of the web page, not the URL.

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