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[Comments] (1) Sycorax Transcends Your Puny Version Numbers: Last night I'd finally had enough with all of my Twitter bots not working due to sending POST requests to a resource that was 401 Gone. The one I really need to keep going is Frances Daily, and that one's on break right now because the planner page for June 1988 was unfortunately missing. But we're running out of June, so I fixed it.

To do that I had to fix Sycorax, the way-too-advanced piece of software that enacted an elaborate running commentary during the serialization of Constellation Games, a commentary that about eighty people saw. Since I'm pretty sure I'm the only person using Sycorax, I've decided to stop doing a tarballed release every time I change something, and just put the code up on Github.

Robot roll call!

The robot in the shop is @RoyPostcards, which I'll fix around the same time I get some more postcards ready to put up.

Update: @CrowdBoardGames prayed for a friend, and he came! His name is Timmy!


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