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Apo11o ll: To celebrate the anniversary of the first moon landing, I packaged up a project I came up with a while back: Apo11o ll, a generative piece that performs Queneau assembly on the Apollo 11 transcripts (from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal).

Duke: Rog. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: That's one small step for (a) man; one giant leap for mankind.

McCandless: Roger, 11. I have a T13 update for you. AOS Tananarive at 37:04, Simplex Alpha. Readback. If you want to go that way, crank it up, and then you can drive it around and look where you want. Over. 11, this is Houston. And we copy the VI.

Aldrin: Does it look to you like the [garble] the right way? Yes, they were working out - this elaborate scheme.

Collins: Unless you'd rather sleep up top, Buzz; I like - you guys ought to get a good night's sleep, going in that damn LM - How about - which would you prefer? I say the leak check is complete, and I'm proceeding with opening the hatch dump valve.

Aldrin: That enough?

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston at 1 minute. Over.

First Mashteroids and now this? How am I doing all this Queneau space-magic? The answer is simple: Olipy, my library for artistic text generation (focusing on Queneau assembly, because it's the best). Check it out of Github and you'll have everything you need to create home versions of many of my works. It's like my own personal BoƮte-en-valise! Want to create something new? Just grab some data and feed it to an Assembler class.


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