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Mashteroids: As my birthday present to you, I present Mashteroids, Queneau assemblies of the IAU citations for minor planets. This showed up briefly on NYCB two years ago, but I've expanded the dataset, improved the sentence tokenization, and created a platform for future Queneaux.

A few samples:


Robert Shelton (b. 1948), nineteenth president of the University of Arizona, chaired the Keck Telescope Board from 1997 to 2000. The book promoted the Copernican system and became a best seller. Besides his scientific work, he is also the author of the well-known popularizations A Brief History of Time and Black holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays.


Named for the province of New Zealand on the eastern side of the South Island. He published his first story in Pilote magazine in 1972 and his first album in 1975. He has written several papers on the history of optics.


Junttura embodies the Finnish mentality to get things done, stubbornly and at all costs. He is also an authority on the poet and novelist Kenji Miyazawa and currently directs the museum at the Kenji Miyazawa Iihatobu Center. "Miminko" is Czech word that expresses the unique stage of innocence at the beginning of human life.

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