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[Comments] (1) 2014 Scrapbook, Part 1: As I'm sure you've noticed, the direction of NYCB has trended away in recent years from me journaling and putting up photos of everything I do shortly after I do it. With so many large companies encouraging millions of people to do this and mining the data to create more annoying ads, it doesn't seem as fun. Call me contrarian!

But before the end of the year I wanted to sort of catch you up with a little scrapbook of some of the good times from 2014. This is mostly tourist and family stuff; I've kept all the cool museum finds for a separate post.

West Coast

I took a brief trip to the Bay Area, where I sorted out a ton of stuff in Kevin Maples's garage that we left with him when we moved from San Francisco in 2005.

Like Russian Ricky Martin gum from 2001.
Or Sumana's grade-school poster on Lee Iacocca.

Sumana and I met up in Seattle for the Foolscap conference, where I was a guest of honor along with Brooks Peck. It was my first con and I had a great time! Thanks to Ron Hale-Evans for inviting me.

The official Guest of Honor portrait, or at least a photo from that session.
One of the installation pieces I ran at the conference, in its conference-hotel context.


In a pretty amazing development I got an email from Doug, a fan of Constellation Games who keeps a private plane at a New Jersey airport. We hung out one Saturday and he and his wife took me and Sumana on a flight up the Hudson River.

Really fun random experience. Thanks, Doug.


In the summer I brought my acquired-on-the-cheap tuxedo to London for Rachel's wedding.

Wedding party.
Rachel's speech.
While in London I visited the incredible Monument to Heroic Self-Sacrifice

We went with the kids to Warwick Castle in... Warwickshire.

Celebrating its 1000th anniversary!
Castle Warwick was a huge tourist trap.
But it had great views...
...and siege machinery.
No trip is complete without a visit to The Butts.

The Holidays

We got some nice snow for Thanksgiving.
I made a TON of pie.
Christmas was the polar opposite--shirtsleeves at Disneyland.
I don't know if Susanna realized that this picture made her family look like we were all about to pull off a heist.
We made a TON of cookies.

The Year In Stone Lions


The Year In Reusable Orbiters

Susanna and kids underneath Endeavor.
The Intrepid's on-deck building holding the Enterprise, seen during the plane flight.

The Year In Signage

All of these are from the UK, because foreign signs are just funnier.

I thought the contrast between old and new style was really striking.
Oh no! Disappointment!
Possibly the worst sign in the world.


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