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[Comments] (4) : Recently I gave a talk called "The Enterprise Media Distribution Platform At The End Of This Book". It summarizes my first eighteen months on the Library Simplified project at NYPL Labs. The goal of Library Simplified is to make it as easy to check ebooks out from a public library as it is to buy them from Amazon.

We've just secured a multi-year grant to expand the project, and we are hiring up from two developers to eight. We are quadrupling the size of our development team.

This is a really satisfying job for me because I'm making life substantially better for people who aren't already well off. If you like that prospect, if you like what I say in the "Enterprise Media Distribution" talk, and you want to work on this project, you should apply for one of these position by sending your resume to info@librarysimplified.com.

I'm going to link to the job listings in a minute, but first I want to make it real clear that we put up these listings largely to have entry points into the HR system. As the team lead I'm not concerned with counting how many terms on your resume match terms used in the job listing. We need two Android developers and four people to write server-side code and HTML and Javascript. I don't think we need a team made up entirely of Senior Developers. Other skills might be more important.

For instance, we need someone with devops experience. We'll be dealing with e-commerce, cryptography, and machine learning—all things I know little about. We don't care if you have a CS degree, but if you have a Library Science degree or have worked in the publishing industry, that would be useful. We have big collections in Spanish, Chinese and Russian, but nobody on our team reads those languages. Stuff like that.

With that in mind, here are the job listings:

As you can see if you click around, getting into the HR system to formally "apply" for these jobs requires filling out a really long form. (Update: and now these links don't even work anymore because the jobs got shifted around.) Instead of doing that, send your resume to info@librarysimplified.com and we'll only ask you to fill out the form if we want to bring you in for an interview.

All these positions are in New York City, in the big building on 42nd Street with the lions. This is a project funded by grants, and the salaries we offer are not competitive with Facebook or Goldman Sachs, but they are competitive with other nonprofits. The benefits are good. This is not a job that ruins your life. It's 35 hours a week and you get four weeks of vacation per year. I work from home about one day a week. Send me email or leave a comment if you have any questions about benefits.

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Posted by Koranteng at Tue Oct 13 2015 22:27

I once speculatively branded you a "glue layer person". Judging from those slides on your OPDS wrangling, I was right. A head nod in your direction.

Posted by Evan at Thu Oct 15 2015 00:32

+1 for standing with the 20% !

Loved the slides & the Library Simplified project.

Posted by Other Evan at Mon Oct 19 2015 14:55

"Demonstrable mastery of a server-side language that’s not PHP"

It would be far more helpful if you stated what language(s) are being used server-side. Also a turnoff for the many highly experienced developers that have done great work with less hip technologies.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Nov 02 2015 08:43

I agree, Other Evan. If we do this again I'm going to write the job descriptions myself.

The server-side languages we're using are Python/Flask and Ruby on Rails.

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