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[Comments] (1) October Film Roundup: I saw a ton of movies this month and there was something fun or interesting in almost all of them! Here's the scoop:

NaNoGenMo 2019: "Linked by Love": This year I'm writing and announcing my NaNoGenMo project before November is over! "Linked by Love" is made from cunningly juxtaposed paragraphs of romance novel back-cover copy. Back-cover copy is some of the hardest stuff for an author to write, and it's basically treated as ephemeral, so it was fun to sort of give it its due in this project.

I originally had a much different book planned, something that would take a single individual on a universe-shifting journey, but it proved very difficult to determine the relationship between the referent of a sentence and the gendered pronouns in the sentence. Gender is very important to romance novels, so instead I let the proper nouns do the work and left the precise relationship between Carlottan and Carlottan+1 a mystery for the reader to fill in.


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