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[Comments] (1) May Film Roundup: More prerecorded live theater, but since all the National Theatre productions etc. have IMDB pages I've decided to just call them "films".

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Posted by Caleb Wilson at Fri Jun 05 2020 12:44

We've enjoyed most of the National Theatre plays as well.

We saw "One Man, Two Guvnors" in the movie theater a few years ago and loved it, so that was a great start.

We watched the Miller-as-creature "Frankenstein", then compared a few scenes to see how different they were. (We thought the Miller-as-creature version was better, but mainly because we felt Cumberbatch was much better as Frankenstein than Miller, and Miller was slightly better as the creature than Cumberbatch.)

"Barber Shop Chronicles" was wonderful.

"This House" was good, but I felt like I was missing geographical context whenever they announced where the members were from: how much cooler would it have been to know all those places they were naming (which, even if we recognized the names, usually we didn't know anything about). It should have been like hearing "Member for Gary, Indiana" or "Member for Beverly Hills"... but I just didn't know enough to get it.

"Antony and Cleopatra" was the only one we didn't finish. It was just no fun compared to "Twelfth Night"!


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