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[Comments] (3) Situation Normal: I'm happy to announce that my science fiction novel Situation Normal is being published by Candlemark & Gleam! It'll go on sale December 14th, 2020. Here's the acquisition announcement, and it's time for the cover reveal!

(Cover art is by Brittany Hague, who did a fake book cover as part of Thoughtcrime Experiments way back when.)

My elevator pitch for Situation Normal is "the Coen brothers do Star Trek". It's a military SF story where no one is incompetent but everything goes wrong. Situation Normal is a direct sequel to my Strange Horizons story "Four Kinds of Cargo", but the crew of the smuggling starship Sour Candy is now only one thread of a plot that includes weaponized marketing, sentient parasites, horny alien teenagers, and cosplaying monks. It's the result of a lot of work for me and Athena Andreadis, and I hope you love it!

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Posted by Joe Mahoney at Mon Jul 27 2020 21:18

Woooooop! I'll need a book to read over the Christmas break. This'll do nicely.

Posted by Emile Snyder at Thu Jul 30 2020 13:41

So excited to read this!

Any chance you will one day return to the Constellation Games universe as well?

Posted by Leonard at Sat Aug 01 2020 08:26

I resisted returning to the Constellation for a long time, but right now it may be the only way I can write a novel that's not super depressing.


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