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[Comments] (5) Snap, Crackle, Pop: After attending to Atticus in the middle of the night, I heard a popping sound from somewhere in my apartment. I thought at first that maybe Atticus was clapping his hands to irritate me and further conspire against my sleep needs. I rushed into his room to scold him, and found him snoring and deeply asleep. So then I returned to my bed, and tried to relax, until the popping began again.

I rose up again from my bed to stalk the source of this noise. It seemed to be coming from the kitchen. The sound ceased when I entered, so I opened the dishwasher door and thought maybe that would solve the problem. I again returned to lie in my bed. This time, I was disconcerted enough that I could not sleep. I listened for the pop to continue, and now that I was thoroughly awake, and would be until I discovered whether a mouse or some creature was creating the racket, I decided to follow it until I found the source.

Well, I went to the kitchen stood listening; the sound came from a bowl of chickpeas I had left to soak overnight. I picked up the bowl and I could feel the pressure of the popping beans like tiny explosions in the water. I never knew that such a riot might come from a bowl of soaking beans.


Posted by Frances Whitney at Wed Oct 22 2003 10:15

At least they did it in the bowl and not in your tummy!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 22 2003 17:08

Chickpeas? Are you making falafel??? (Yum).

Posted by Alyson at Thu Oct 23 2003 18:32

Actually, I had hoped to make hummus and one of our favorite pasta dishes, but we--especially Atticus and Samuel--nibbled all the excess chickpeas, and I only had enough for the pasta entree. I guess I'll have to make hummus another day.

The first time I ever had hummus and falafel was at Cafe Diana's in London, just around the corner from where I lived on 27 Palace Court. A marvelous discovery--both the restaurant and falafel. There is another little cafe that I love called the Blue Dog in British Colombia where the Matkin family vacations every summer. The Blue Dog also has very nice falafel.

As far as homemade falafel goes, I've never undertaken making my own falafel, nor have I yet found a mix that turned out to my satisfaction. Have you?

Posted by anonymous at Sat Oct 25 2003 16:15

No. Though I have never tried. There a couple of places in Westwood, but none hold a candle to what I had in England.

On another note, my friends and I went on a hopeless quest to find Cafe Diana at the suggestion of your mother on our Princess Diana apprication day. We never found it. Turns out we were looking on the wrong end of Kensington Gardens, near High St Ken. So it goes...

Posted by Rachel at Sat Oct 25 2003 16:15

That was me :)

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