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[Comments] (3) Maybe some prayers are better left unanswered: We read a story in Atticus' Friend magazine about a little girl who lost a cat but prayed to find her and did. Well, the lesson learned in Atticus' mind was that he should pray to get a kitty, and he will. Hmmmm. How do I explain the harsh realities of a landlord and life as a renter? Besides, I'm not ready to clean kitty litter.


Posted by Betty at Thu Nov 13 2003 20:59

Dad always said he thought was allergic to cats~that is how we dealt with it. Dad said he didn't ever want to risk getting one to see if he really was allergic or not. P.S. that snow suit was a two piece one too. Love ya! MOm

Posted by Frances Whitney at Thu Nov 13 2003 22:45

I read in the news that children who are raised with a cat have a 65% LESS chance of developing asthma. It seems they become desensitized to allergens --cat and otherwise-- if exposed to cats as children. That's reason enough for me to get a kitty!

I think the Friend ought to watch what they publish. Kids can get the darndest ideas. Those dumb stories in the Ensign, too! All these miracles that happen to people because they kept the Word of Wisdom or whatever. What about the rest of us who also keep the commandments but never get ahead?

Posted by Rachel at Fri Nov 14 2003 11:14

I WANT MY KITTY!!!! Stupid Landlords.

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