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[Comments] (1) Friday "Date Nite": Dave and I worked on a crossword puzzle and watched all the new movie trailers that came up on apple.com last night. Pretty funny date night if you ask me, but just right. Graduate school poverty is sure leading us to discover new ways to spend an evening, but we are having more and more fun together all the same. One of these weekends I'd like to check out this really nice used bookstore called The Dusty Bookshelf on Massachusetts street, downtown. That would be another fun date.

Kitchen Cupboard: You'd think we have a little Harry Potter in residence. Samuel has lately been interested in digging out garbage from the trash bin, which we keep in the cupboard under the sink. I became so weary of this game today that I took the garbage and moved it into the laundry room and closed the door. Instead of playing in the trash, now Samuel hides out in the cupboard. That's okay. I prefer this much more sanitary practice.

[Comments] (2) : Today I was describing to Dave the new grocery store, Extra Foods, that has recently opened in Dave's hometown. Atticus was wandering mindlessly--at least appearing to be--about us. I was clarifying that Extra Foods sells much more than groceries, and was trying to name other non-food items that are in the store. I knew there was more, but I was stumped, and "clothes," was the only thing to come out of my mouth, when Atticus chimed in "flip flops," and he walked out of the room. Random. We didn't even think he knew what we were talking about, IF he was even listening. The funny thing is that he really had an obsession about flip flops when we were visiting this summer, and our shopping escapade looking for a pair must have really stuck out in his mind. Maybe you had to be there to catch the humor in his tone of voice, but this was really funny at the moment.


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