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[Comments] (1) Friday "Date Nite": Dave and I worked on a crossword puzzle and watched all the new movie trailers that came up on apple.com last night. Pretty funny date night if you ask me, but just right. Graduate school poverty is sure leading us to discover new ways to spend an evening, but we are having more and more fun together all the same. One of these weekends I'd like to check out this really nice used bookstore called The Dusty Bookshelf on Massachusetts street, downtown. That would be another fun date.


Posted by Susie at Sat Nov 15 2003 14:29

What a coincidence! John and I did a crossword puzzle and watch movie trailers too! Except we went to the dollar theatre to watch them. We saw "Seabiscuit" (not impressed). We always take crosswords to do before the movie starts.

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