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[Comments] (5) The Measure of my Happiness: The weather has been beautiful this weekend, and we have taken advantage of it, for sure. I took the boys to the farmer's market this morning and bought three and a half pounds of apples, two bunches of chard, one bunch of cilantro, two sugar cookies for the kiddies from a group that donates proceeds to the local leukemia society, and one scrumptious brownie from a grandma named Mary for myself and Dave to share (Dave did less of the sharing and I did more of the eating). Here's an idea for you: this brownie, and we've bought them before, is made from scratch, baked, topped with marshmallows and put under the broiler until the marshmallows melt and roast a little. Then Mary drizzles the whole delicious treat with freshly made chocolate syrup. Very yummy.

I put the boys in a Radio Flyer wagon, walked them to a park downtown, we played for an hour, then walked up and down Massachusetts (downtown main street) looking at all the shops and doggies out on walks with their owners.

I've decided that I am happiest when I am out doing things with the boys; they are entertained, they don't fight (much), and I get to be around people. When we are all stuck in the apartment for more than six hours without either visitors, naptime, or Dave coming home, it is like a death sentence. Okay, I'm exaggerating, it isn't death, but I get really angsty.

[Comments] (2) The Things My Child Learns In Pre-school: As the two were on a drive together, Atticus announced to Dave, "A bear market means you lose money, but a bull market means you make money." Dave and I were baffled that he knew such things, but then I remembered that Friday and Monday are "Dads visit school" days. One of the fathers is an investor.

[Comments] (1) Samuel Dramatizes his Life through Play: Atticus and Dave went to see The Incredibles last night, and not wanting to chase him all over the theater hallways, I stayed home and had a special one-on-one playdate with Samuel. We were playing with our Little People figurines and circus toy. Samuel loaded the two farmers onto two of three ferris wheel chairs. Then, he picked up two other figures and knocked them together again and again, saying, "'It's my turn,' 'No, it's my turn,' 'No, it's my turn. . .'"

He's really learning the facts of life.


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