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[Comments] (2) To the Hospital, and then Back Again: Well, we went to Children's Mercy this morning. Atticus was fasting, according to pre-operation instructions we'd been given, and crying, "I'm so hungry, my body needs food, I didn't even eat my vitamin, my body says it wants to eat . . ." When we arrived at the hospital, Atticus had already removed his shoes, "So that I'll be ready for my blue cast," he said. He was so cooperative and good for the nurse while she checked him over. The bad news is he is congested and has a little wheeze in his lungs. Not good for anesthesia. They let us go, and we will reschedule the operation when Atticus is well.


Posted by Jennifer Taylor at Thu Nov 04 2004 21:30

I am sure that you really could have lived without the "practice run" and all the worry that came with it.

Posted by Susie at Fri Nov 05 2004 22:55

At least he is excited about the cast!


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