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[Comments] (2) The Things My Child Learns In Pre-school: As the two were on a drive together, Atticus announced to Dave, "A bear market means you lose money, but a bull market means you make money." Dave and I were baffled that he knew such things, but then I remembered that Friday and Monday are "Dads visit school" days. One of the fathers is an investor.


Posted by Joe at Sat Nov 06 2004 21:47

All I have to say is KEEP HIM FAR AWAY....

Just kidding. Investors are good.

I can't wait to hear him say "goiters are a result of low iodine leading to thyroid hypertrophy"

Can you say EEH---VOH---LEU---SHUN

Posted by Frances at Sun Nov 07 2004 14:53

I want to hear him talk about the Mohorovicic discontinuity.


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